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Glass Counters, Walls & More
Monique Studio
21 Cedar Street
Burlington, MA 01803
Tel: (781) 710-1274
Glass. With strength equal to granite or marble, glass is amazingly resilient, yet it provides a delicacy of form that is unsurpassed in the design world. It is without parallel in the way it responds to and plays with light. It can shimmer, refract and change color and mood with the setting sun. It can offer total vulnerability, or with slightest change in texture, offer supreme privacy.

As today’s homeowners are searching for increasingly unique products, many are turning to glass in new unique ways including glass counters, sinks and room dividers. Monique Studio offers these, as well as the more traditional applications such as cabinet and entry door, tub and shower surrounds, and lighting.

About Monique Studio
Founded and run by glass artist Monique Feldman, Monique Studio offers custom fused glass for a wide variety of architectural applications.

As a glass artist, Feldman has spent years researching and developing new techniques to use fused glass as a way to form distinct patterns and designs. She uses surface treatments such as luster, gold, and platinum as well as fusing pattern and design within multiple layers of fused glass to provide incredible depth and texture to her pieces.

In the heat of the kiln, Monique Studio layers and fuses glass to create a nearly endless array of patterns, with some of the most brilliant colors available to homeowners and designers. Both physical and visual texture can be added to create one-of-a-kind custom applications that complement or even mimic other décor from wallpapers to upholstery.

The Process
Pieces of specialized art glass are cut by hand and arranged on top or next to one another before firing. Fused glass is made by melting, or fusing, the pieces of glass together in a kiln at temperatures ranging from 1,300 to 1,600 F. The end product is a unique, new sheet of solid glass that has multiple dimensions, textures and shapes.

You can find a Studio web page also on: artisticglasssolutions.googlepages.com